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From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

A warm welcome to new and returning families for 2022. Many thanks to the vast majority of families who have ensured that the boys have returned wearing their summer uniform with pride. The way in which the boys wear their uniform speaks volumes about the pride they have in our Edmund Rice College community, the pride they have in their families and in themselves. It sets a solid foundation for the year ahead, for if we take care of the little things the bigger things often have a way of taking care of themselves. A detailed explanation of our uniform policy can be found on page16 of the 2022 Student Diary. A number of families have already been contacted in relation to particular uniform matters that need to be addressed. I wish to thank those families for their cooperation and support, ensuring that all uniform matters are rectified by Monday 7 February 2022.

We were particularly delighted to welcome our Year 7 students to the College this week. These boys have engaged in an extensive transition program, orientating them to the College Campus, Charism, key members of the community, and provided opportunities for the boys to learn about extra curricular activities and to connect with their houses.

Our Year 7’s have shared some of their highlights and learnings below….

The transition program has….

Helped me to settle in and learn my way around the school

Helped me to learn the importance of the diary and all of the information it contains

Been great I have met lots of new teachers and students

Helped me to feel less shy and nervous

Helped me to learn how to get home by bus

Helped me to feel prepared for classes, homework and assessments

Helped me to feel confident in using my Chromebook

Helped me to make new friends

The best part of the program was 

The first day without the rest of the school here it helped me to adjust

I enjoyed the day out from school

Learning about my responsibilities

Going to the Chapel

Learning about the library

Doing the tours with Peer Support Leaders

I have loved meeting new people and learnt lots of different things that has made me feel ready to start classes

I loved having no homework in Week 1

Tuesday 8th February 2022 is Safer Internet Day.

Let’s help keep our community safe online by being active participants in creating and maintaining safe online environments. This year’s theme is Play it Fair Online.

Do you have friends or family whose first language is other than English? Show them this page.

A new Online Safety Act 2021 commenced on 23rd January 2022. The Online Safety Act 2021 expands Australia’s protections against online harm, to keep pace with abusive behaviour and toxic content. Read all about it here.

For more information visit the Safer Internet Day 🌏 Website
To stay up to date with changes follow the eSafety Commissioner’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

This week’s Parenting Idea’s article is written by parenting author and educator Maggie Dent and highlights the various ways in which parents can support their sons in the transition from primary to secondary school.

Mrs Hughes
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing