First Nations

Acknowledgement of Country

As members of the Edmund Rice College community, we acknowledge and respect the Traditional Custodians of this Land, the Wodi Wodi peoples of the Dharawal Nation. As Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people together, we honour their heritage and extend that respect to all First Nations people of Australia. We are committed to taking the time to reflect, listen and learn from our First Nations peoples.


We acknowledge the intimate bond that First Nations people have with their Country and note the devastating impact of colonisation. May we respect our Elders who came before and commit our school to genuine reconciliation through truth telling, education and healing.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Vision for Reconciliation

Each member of the College Community will have opportunities to hear the voices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians in order to understand the truth of history, deepen understanding of cultures and know that each person has a role to play in the process of Reconciliation.

Narragunnawali RAP page.

Edmund Rice College Reconcilation Action Plan 2022-2023


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education

The College is committed to working in partnership with our local Aboriginal community to develop policies and practices that reflect our goal of supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and families to pursue educational opportunities.

Our Aboriginal Education Officer supports the Learning Journey and Culture of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through Personalised Learning Plans, goal setting, communication and feedback in all aspects of College life and planning for the future.

Edmund Rice College is a member of the Northern Illawarra Aboriginal Education Consultative Group (AECG) which meets regularly throughout the year. The AECG promotes active participation by Aboriginal people in the consultative and decision-making process of education related matters. We believe the process of collaborative consultation is integral to equal partnership.


Australian Curriculum Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Culture Cross Curriculum Priority

The College offers all students and staff opportunities to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Australia by engaging with the world’s oldest continuous living cultures. Our students come to understand contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities as strong, resilient, rich and diverse. Our Identity and Pastoral Care teams provide opportunities to engage in respectful cultural activities across each Key Learning Stage including Outdoor education, Indigenous Cultures Day, Staff Development and the celebration of key events such as Reconciliation Week and NAIDOC Week.

Narandha Learning Centre

Narandha is a Wadi Wadi word meaning ‘to listen, hear or perceive.’ It is highly symbolic of our intention to listen to the stories of the past, hear with deep understanding, and perceive the importance of a future characterised by true reconciliation. After a process of consultation with the local Aboriginal community, through the Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, the College was privileged to be given permission to use the word Narandha to name our Learning Centre.

Waruga House

During construction of the new Creative Arts Centre, Eastern Water Dragons made themselves known and we were inspired to honour their presence. In consultation with the local Aboriginal community and AECG, and as a sign of respect for the Indigenous heritage of this place, the College gained approval to name the new Creative Arts Centre after the Eastern Water Dragon which lives on the banks of the creek. Our plan is to develop a Yarning Circle in the grounds of Waruga House as part of our Aboriginal Education Program.


Cultural & Academic Scholarships

Edmund Rice College offers Cultural and Academic Scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students commencing in Year 7, in consultation with members of the local Aboriginal community. Applications can be found here.
During their time at Edmund Rice College, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are presented with opportunities to apply for scholarships at various universities and for community programs.