Edmund Rice College has a strong sporting tradition of team and individual successes. Sport strengthens camaraderie, teamwork, competition, good sportsmanship and school pride.

The College has teams competing in over 20 sports and we provide several pathways for those seeking higher representative honours.

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Representative Sport

Whilst all boys representing the College are encouraged to achieve their personal best both individually and as a team, they are also reminded that “the manner in which they play the game will be long remembered after the score has been forgotten.”

After School Sport

Organised social sporting activities after school emphasise participation and wellbeing. These sports are Year Group based and include Basketball, Table Tennis, Gym, Touch Football, Football as well as training for representative teams.

School Sport

The College runs a fortnightly sports afternoon in addition to scheduled physical education lessons. The whole aim is to promote a healthy, life-long love of physical pursuits. Our Year 7 & 8 students use our College facilities while our Year 9 & 10 students attend external sporting activities in the local community including:

  • Surfing
  • Indoor rock climbing
  • Golf
  • Water Polo
  • Tennis
  • University of Wollongong Sport & Recreation Centre

Edmund Rice College sporting success is grounded in sportsmanship. From team victories to personal bests, our students sporting excellence encompasses more than 20 sports. We’ve won the prized Vince Villa Trophy for Champion Boy Sporting Catholic School in the Wollongong Diocesan almost every year since its inception. Our student sporting achievements are recognised annually at the Diocesan and NSW CCC Sport Awards Presentation nights. We also have students who excel at sports outside the traditional CCC sporting structure, in Mountain Biking, Skiing, Oztag, Surfing and Futsal.

Sport Results

Congratulations to the following individuals and teams on their outstanding sporting achievements for 2019.

Football Opens – Alexander Bonetig & Luke Genua

AFL – Omar Matar
Football – Alexander Bonetig & Luke Genua
NSW All Schools Team Triathlon Gold MedalistsOpens – Daniel Hungerford, Luke Britten, Alexander Pozzer
NSW All Schools Finalists Oz-Tag – ERC Opens and U16
Country NRL NSW Champions Rugby League – ERC U13


Rugby League Opens – Jesse Colquhoun, Thomas Rodwell
Water Polo – Zarko Selak
Opens Touch Football – Jackson Haynes
Basketball – Jayden Wright
Football U16 – Jordan Kizi
Football Opens – Alexander Bonetig, Luke Genua
Athletics – Cain Barnes, Riley Chrystal-Foy, Nathan Henderson-Walls, Joe Hinds, Daniel Hungerford, Thomas Kirk, Brodie Masters, Noah Mathie, Oliver Needham, Jacob Sotirovski, Jake Stewart & Hamilton Tenkate
Cross Country – Tayne Ward, Daniel Hungerford, Darcy Hennessy, Finn Stapley, Noah Mathie
Swimming – Layke Shipley, Christian Humphries, Lachlan Cole, Jake Potter, Alex Pozzer, Alistair Gorgijovski, Matthew Moss, Omar Matar, Samuel Herraman, Saxon Schettino, Sebastian Buchanan, Taj Tegart

AFL CCC North – Omar Matar, William Foster
Southern Country Rugby League 15s – Flynn Allen, Kyan Hjaltason, Jay Penno, Ashton Thurgate, Darby Turner, Wil Patison, Josh Specia
Southern Country Rugby League Opens – Toby Boothroyd, Alex Lobb, Jesse Colquhoun, Thomas Rodwell, Max Devlin
Country Rugby League 15s – Flynn Allen, Darby Turner, Wil Patison
U14 FUTSAL Regional Champions and NSW All Schools Quarterfinalists

Diocesan Level Honours

Edmund Rice College retained the Vince Villa Trophy for the Boys Championship in the Wollongong Diocese after winning the boys Cross Country, Swimming, Athletics, Football, AFL, Cricket, Junior Touch Football and Basketball competitions.

Wollongong Diocesan Team Representatives

15s Touch – Oliver McCarthy, Preston Hansen, Kyan Hjaltason
Opens Touch – Cooper Hansen, Max Devlin, Jackson Haynes, Jordan Xuereb, Jackson Tikkeros
15s Rugby League – Flynn Allen, Kurtis Bennett, Kayne Booker, Kyan Hjaltason, Wil Patison, Jay Penno, Josh Specia, Ashton Thurgate, Darby Turner, Vincent Valentinetti
Opens Rugby League – Toby Boothroyd, Jesse Colquhoun, Max Devlin, Alex Lobb, Thomas Rodwell, Brock Sepluveda, Jhet Steyger, Jackson Tikkeros
Opens Football – Daniel Cunzolo, Alexander Bonetig, Luke Genua, Anthony Krvstevski, Keegan Matias & James Stojanovski
Cross Country – Noah Mathie, Joe Hinds, Tayne Ward, Mitchell Blackbourn, Lucas Kirkland, Liam Clark, Chris Sink, Nathan Henderson-Walls, Daniel Hungerford, Cormac Carolan, Darcy Hennessy, Finn Stapley, Ben Worsfold, Jett Jones & Angus Ferguson
Athletics – Cain Barnes, Riley Chrystal-Foy, Nathan Henderson-Walls, Joe Hinds, Daniel Hungerford, Thomas Kirk, Brodie Masters, Noah Mathie, Oliver Needham, Jacob Sotirovski, Jake Stewart, Hamilton Tenkate and Louis Villella
Swimming – Taj Tegart, Layke Shipley, Lachlan Cole, Jake Potter, Alistair Gorgijovski , Omar Matar, Jake Beaumont, Alex Pozzer, Samuel Herraman, Saxon Schettino, Brock Sepulveda, Sebastian Buchanan, Matthew Moss