ERC Updates

Preliminary HSC Awards

This week the College recognised the achievements of our Year 11 students who have now completed their Preliminary HSC course of study. In celebrating student achievement and a sustained commitment to learning, the College challenged Year 11 to build on their success through goal setting in making the most of their opportunities as they commence their Year 12 courses of study.

A special congratulations to Matthew Carolan who was awarded the Year 11 Pastoral Care Coordinator Award by Mr Bourke and Ms Stella. The citation for Matthew’s award is below:

“This has been an extremely tough decision to try and name 1 student for the Pastoral Care Coordinator’s Award. This year’s group is full of so many great young men that have shown a tremendous amount of growth since the beginning of the year. There have been many examples of the students in this year group stepping up and rising to the challenge laid out before them and demonstrating the values that the College holds dearly. The strength of this cohort in particular is the depth of leadership across the year group and the quality of the young men that they are developing into. 

Our Pastoral theme for Year 11 is to become Men of Honour. At the beginning of the year, we unpacked as a cohort what it meant to be a man of honour. The recipient of this year’s award lives out these values each and every day. – He puts others before himself: His chosen senior CSL project was Peer tutoring at Homework Club where he would help younger students with their homework and assessments. – Demonstrates respect: The recipient of this award demonstrates respect to both his teachers and fellow students in every interaction he has with them. He listens with genuine care and is always seeking to help those around him. – Maintains high standards: 

The recipient of this award has had a tremendously successful year. He has achieved all A’s in his recent Preliminary report, including a mark of 87 for accelerated Studies of Religion 2 and he was first place in 6 of his courses. As well as this, he has also achieved success in the sporting arena, participating in the College Swimming Carnival, representing the College at the Diocesan Athletics Carnival and he represented NSW CCC at the NSW All Schools Cross Country Carnival. – Fulfils his commitments: The recipient has endeavoured to fulfil his commitments as the College Vice Liturgy prefect through assisting Mrs Knowles in the preparation of liturgical events, including his involvement in College Mass, participation in Friday prayer in the Chapel and organising the Monday morning prayers for the College. 

It is with great pleasure that this morning on behalf of Myself, Ms Stella and the Year 11 Pastoral Care Team, the Year 11 Pastoral Care Coordinator’s Award goes to Matthew Carolan.”

The College would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the award recipients. These awards are the result of persistent positive application, discipline and overall hard work. They are well earned. Congratulations gentlemen.