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Yr 7 Mathematics Workshops for Parents and Carers.

It was a privilege to have connected with parents and carers during the three Year 7 Mathematics Workshops delivered in the Narandha Learning Centre (library) on 14th and 16th March.

The first of their kind workshops aimed to provide parents and carers with a deep insight into Year 7 Mathematics content (The Number Plane and Transformations, and Angles), coupled with first-hand experience using the learning tools our students use in class. Ultimately, I wanted to equip parents and carers with enough information to feel confident in supporting their son’s learning. We perused the course Scope and Sequence, I shared some inside teacher tips, and we practiced some Mathematics, bringing back memories of their Mathematics schooling for some parents and carers.

The workshops were well received and I thank all parents and carers for their valued feedback. I am looking forward to offering further workshops during the rest of the year. Here is some feedback from attendees:

I enjoyed having the basic content and concepts of each topic explained and being able to go through a few examples. It will help me to then be able to explain to my son.

It’s good to know where the textbooks and information/help is located and what the students are learning.

Thank you for taking the time and would love to attend future workshops. Many thanks.

This is the first of this type of workshop I have attended and I found it fantastic. It helps bridge the gap between the way we were taught at school and the way our kids are being taught today.

I found it really helpful as understanding the IT platform the boys are using can really only happen when we use it ourselves!

It would be great if future workshops on content had a streaming-in option for those of us who live over 30 min away from the school but I also understand that Maths is better explained face to face. I think so many kids would benefit with Maths support if their parents had more confidence to help them.

The workshop was relevant, informative and engaging. I particularly found google classroom information useful as this was not available in my generation.

Thank you.

Ms Ndaira
Teacher Librarian, Technology & Humanities Teacher