ERC Updates

Years 9/10 Industrial Technology (Timber)

Last term, Years 9/10 Industrial Technology (Timber) students commenced a picture frame project.

The project aimed to develop basic skills in working with timber, which included measuring and marking out, cutting, assembly and finishing of a project.

Whilst at first glance the project appeared rather simple, it emphasised to students the importance of accuracy and provided challenges when measuring, marking out and cutting.

The project comprised of a rebate joint inside to house the picture and a clear acrylic piece. It also included 45-degree mitre joints in each corner requiring accuracy in order to avoid unsightly gaps.

The finished project included a surname burnt into the design with a pyrographer, as a finishing touch, followed by numerous clear polyurethane coats to improve aesthetics and longevity.

Student comments on completion of the project are as follows:

Riley Da Costa: I enjoyed sanding the frame to size which allowed me to make small adjustments to improve the corner mitre joints. I also enjoyed the process of applying a polyurethane finish to give the job shine and depth. I wish to give it to my mother as a late Mothers’ Day gift. I will probably place a photograph of our family pets inside as I know mum will appreciate this.

Isaac Lee: I enjoyed this project and was particularly challenged by the mitre joint corners. I wish to give this to my grandparents as a present and will place a picture inside of my father, my sister and me!

Lachlan Jones: I learnt a wide range of skills and techniques in building this frame. I also enjoyed learning how to use CAD 3D drafting programs to draw the project prior to building. Mum will love the finished project as a birthday present with a family photo.

Eamonn Lewis: I learnt about how to create a mitre joint and the importance of an extremely sharp lead pencil for accuracy. I love the effect of having my surname burnt into the project and think it will look great placed on my hallway table with a family photo inside.

Mr D Breeze
TAS Teacher