ERC Updates


As an introduction to using the wood turning lathe, Year 9/10 Timber students recently completed a paper towel rack project. This project provided the opportunity for students to extend their knowledge and skills in the subject area through completion of a theory component in addition to learning how to use new machinery such as the wood turning lathe, pedestal drill and power drill equipment.

Students enjoyed applying their knowledge to complete the task and their comments on completion are as follows:

Jack McNally:
I particularly enjoyed using the lathe to create the spindle component. The most challenging part was cutting out the housing joints as it was important for them to be accurate to create a tight fit. The theory component was also challenging as it required extensive research and drawing ability. I look forward to giving this project to my Nan who will place it on the wall outside on her decking area. I look forward to learning new skills in this subject and wish to continue studying Timber in Years 11 and 12.

Riley Da Costa:
I really liked using the lathe for the first time and enjoyed smoothing the job and seeing the finished product. I will put the paper towel holder next to the sink in my garage.

Ahmed Ben Saeed:
This was the first time I made a cylinder using a lathe in woodwork. I realised the importance of accurate marking out in this subject area. My towel rack at home recently broke so this one is a welcomed replacement.

Mr Daniel Breeze