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Year 8 Social Day and Disco

On Thursday 15th June, Edmund Rice hosted the Year 8 Social Day welcoming students from St Mary’s Star of the Sea College to our school community in order to provide students from both schools with an opportunity to reconnect with friends from primary school and create an environment that would allow for students to form positive relationships with new people within their local community.

Year 8 students from both schools participated in a variety of fun activities including, sport, trivia and dance. Through these activities all students were provided with opportunities to develop their communication skills, meet new people and step out of their comfort zone by exploring new activities.

The friendships made during the day were fostered later that night at the Year 8 Disco, hosted by St Mary’s Star of the Sea College. Students were able to practice their dance moves, continue conversations that had started during the social day and were able to participate in a variety of activities including board games and table tennis in the Activities Room.

A fantastic day was had by all as students were able to establish positive interpersonal relationships, an important step towards creating a healthy social life in future years. Through this experience Year 8 were able to learn more about themselves by widening their social support networks through positive interactions with people different from themselves; developing confidence through fostering positive healthy relationships with individuals of the opposite sex.

A massive thank you to all staff members who helped with the organisation of the Year 8 Social Day and supervision of the Year 8 Disco and our wonderful Year 10 helpers who contributed to the success of the day.

I commend Year 8 on their behaviour and the way in which they conducted themselves through their interactions with St Marys. We are looking forward to more opportunities to socialise with our sister school in the future.

“I really enjoyed the trivia as I got to learn new things and use my knowledge in a competition. We participated in many sports games with our friends and had a great time.” Lachlan Booth

“The social day was good. There was a wide range of activities that started conversations and sparked new friendships. The disco was also good, having 2 rooms for people that don’t really want to dance. Overall I enjoyed it.” Ivo Boshevski

“I enjoyed working with new people and getting to know them in trivia. Our group co-operated very well with each other. We also got free ice cream and it was delicious. In sport our group worked together very well and managed to win most of our games. Overall it was a great experience and a good opportunity to make good relationships.” Lawin Hiwa Hama Ali Hama Ali

“My experience at the social day disco was great! But if I had to pin point it down to one aspect I would have to say how great the atmosphere was. There was a great opportunity to socialise with others while enjoying the games and music that was played by a great DJ. If I had to say one great aspect of the social day/disco I wouldn’t be able to choose. This was an amazing opportunity and I am grateful for all that the College has provided for us.” Ethan Jones

“Social Day was a fun and great experience for all the Year 8 students. The event happened on Thursday 15/6/23. We had three rotations during the day: playing sports, trivia, or learning a dance with the girls. We created great friendships during the day as we also had a disco during the night. No one was left out and everyone in the year had a great time getting to know each other.” Matthew Harriman

Mrs Russell
Pastoral Care Coordinator