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Year 7 Technology – Graphics

In the subject of Technology (Graphics) students have had the opportunity to use their creativity to design and develop a unique and innovative teenager’s retreat.

The Graphics unit commenced with an introduction to the design task itself. Students clarified design requirements before we moved onto developing drawing and design skills, focused around architectural presentation. These skills included an introduction to floor plans and architectural symbols as well as skills in developing various types of 2D and 3D drawings both by hand and using CAD software with an emphasis on proportion and quality of work.

Once fundamental skills were developed, students created a series of possible floor plan designs, evaluating the positives and negatives of each before deciding on a design and progressing to the utilisation of 3D Graphics software (Sketchup) to produce 3D rendered drawings of their finished product.

I was impressed by the students’ level of enthusiasm towards this unit and the pride shown in their unique designs. This task is relatively new for the College and extends upon a previous architectural task with the aim to provide an improved unit in terms of suitability and engagement for students in Year 7.

I encourage all students at the College to consider Graphics as a subject in their approach to Years 11 and 12. The subject area provides a broad range of skills in design drawing in Engineering and architecture and can lead towards a range of exciting career pathways.

Mr Daniel Breeze

Technology & VET Teacher


Student Quotes and Work Samples

“I mostly enjoyed learning about a new CAD program called Google Sketchup. In particular learning how to import pieces of furniture. I also enjoyed being able to expand my capability in drawing and rendering 3D shapes, and having a good teacher to help me get used to my first term in high school.

Inspiration for my project came from what I would want if I had the chance to have my own teenage retreat. The unique part of my design is the kitchen because it has a bit of a modern side to it. I believe teenagers would like the living room the most because it is close to the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and is very open. The improvement I would make to my teenage retreat is changing the kitchen because at the last minute I noticed that there was a dishwasher right in the middle of it!”

Ryder Boyton

“I enjoyed learning how to operate the application to enable 3D drawing. I think that teenagers would mostly appreciate the ramps in my design and of course being able to slide into the pool! I really enjoyed this unit of work and found the design process and drawing to be super fun!”

Youssef Achaechi

Youssef Achaechi – Two storey dwelling consisting of kitchenette and office space with external features of pathway and pool area.

Aiden Wilkinson – Single storey design with soccer area, toilet amenities and concrete basketball court.

Kalvin Ennor – Well balanced design including polished floors, lounge and television space along with a pool table, modern bathroom and external basketball court.

Sam Morrisey – Unique loft bedroom design, including bathroom and open plan kitchen area.