ERC Updates

Year 7 Peer Support Session | Pastoral Care

Earlier this week, during our weekly Pastoral Care Lesson, the Year 7 boys had a ‘check in’ with their ‘big brothers’, the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders. They discussed all things from how they are settling into College life, the workload – including homework, even to how they are enjoying the food at the canteen!

The College Peer Support Leaders were very supportive and gave the Year 7 students some pointers and tips from their own experiences of their own College life. Also, within this session, Year 7, along with Year 11 students discussed all things friendships, and the qualities they should be looking for in a good friend. It is hoped that after this Pastoral Care Lesson, students will feel empowered to know what qualities they want in their close friendships and feel motivated to expand their friendships here at the College. Please, enjoy some of the photos from the lesson.

A huge thank you to the Year 11 Peer Support Leaders, ably coordinated by Mrs Schodde and the Year 7 Pastoral Care teachers for their continued support and encouragement.

Mr Bates & Mr Panozzo
Pastoral Care Coordinators