ERC Updates

Year 7 Mathematics Workshop for Parents and Carers.

Thank you to the parents and carers who attended the final Year 7 Mathematics Workshop for 2022. It is definitely a huge undertaking for you to come in and focus on the fast paced and intense 2 hour session after a full day of working and parenting. A big thank you for the positive and encouraging feedback from all participants throughout the year. It was a pleasure to have worked with you all in supporting our boys in their first year of high school. Here is some feedback from the final workshop.

  • Wonderful idea and service.
  • A good refresher considering I did Year 7 Maths 35 years ago. It’s also good to see how things are taught these days.
  • I know what my son is learning.
  • Good to be able to discuss with my son and gauge his understanding. This then allows me to assist him with what he is struggling with.
  • Good to be on the same page. Helps with revision.
  • Great to get a copy of the scope and sequence and set of resources.
  • A great opportunity to help my son. We work through problems together and getting the knowledge to understand the topics is a great help.

Ms Ndaira
Teacher Librarian