ERC Updates

Year 7 Commendation Level Honour Roll 2023

Congratulations to our recent recipients of Commendation Level in Year 7. Consistent hard work and effort in their application to their studies has been rewarded with the attainment of the Commendation Level Certificate on achieving 10 merits or more across the school year.  Congratulations and keep up the good work boys.

Cooper Waller, Luke Socratous, Flynn Sheahan, Sonny Wheeler, Jordan Williams, Noah Ristov, Alex Popovski, Ayden Poon, Gavin Kumar, Chaise Jones, Darius Hamod, Yostin Haddad, Fabian Gaudiosi, Christian Da Silva, Jeng-Yan Croghan, Cameron Browne, Xavier Bridger, Preston Apps, Stefan Anagnostopoulos.

Mr Bates
Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinator