ERC Updates

Year 12 Reflection Day

The final part of the Senior Retreat Program was held last week, after students returned from their Trial Exams. While the entire program focuses on what it means to be an Edmund Rice person and particularly, a man for others, this part of the program aims to encourage students to care for their own well-being on all levels and to realise that working together with those around you will always produce better results in life. This is the heart of Gospel Spirituality, that we realise our potential to become all that God intends us to be. The day started with a focus on our spiritual well-being through a liturgy facilitated by Mrs Knowles. The reflection centred around celebrating the gifts of each person and that we need poets and musicians as much as carpenters, builders and business people. Soul Drumming facilitated a session on learning to listen to each other and work together through drumming. It was an energetic way to have fun, learn to take the lead and then to follow when necessary.

One thing we realise is that we are not always careful to take care of our physical and mental wellbeing until there is a problem. We include yoga and stretching as a way to be quiet, to reflect and to focus on improving our personal capacity to build our own sense of groundedness and strength. To support this, we had seven former students facilitate a mentoring session that demonstrated there are a diversity of pathways after school and that finding your own will involve some planning, working together and balance. Finally, we ended the day with a round robin of House Sport where Rice House was awarded the Year 12 Reflection Day Cup. Year 12 student Mehmed Ceylan summed it up as the “Best school day I have had during my time in Year 12; enjoyable activities participating as a team.”

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity