ERC Updates

Year 12 Modern History Guest Lecturer

On Friday 9th September, the Year 12 Modern History class was given the opportunity to attend a lecture on one of their modules of work ‘Conflict in Indochina’ by highly regarded historian, Jonathon Dallimore. This is the second time that the College has asked Jonathon to speak to the boys; the first time was just prior to their HSC Trial Examination on ‘Russia and the Soviet Union’.

Jonathon not only shared with the boys valuable insight into the topics of study but also spent time answering questions from the boys.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish the boys all the very best with their upcoming HSC examinations and to say thank you as they have invested time collaborating, sharing notes and conducting study sessions in order to ensure that all students in the class have the opportunity to succeed. As their teacher, I could not ask for more from the students.

Kindest regards
Mrs Lothian