ERC Updates

Year 12 – Getting Your Head Right for the HSC.

During our Extended Pastoral Care lesson this week, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs Natalie Bella to address our 2023 Year 12 Cohort. Her presentation, entitled, ‘Getting Your Head Right for the HSC,’ focussed on advising students to embrace their character strengths to achieve success in the HSC.

As advised by Mrs Bella the key character strengths that students are encouraged to develop throughout the HSC Year include; excellence, discipline, courage and persistence.

Discipline, as a character strength was communicated to the students as being a key area to develop throughout the HSC course. Mrs Bella articulated that the ability to follow through with a task without necessarily receiving instant rewards, as the rewards will come in the long term.

Following the cohort’s Retreat experience in Week One, this presentation came at an important junction for students as the HSC course is about to begin, with formal assessment tasks to be conducted in most subjects by the end of the calendar year.

Mr Marsh
Assistant Year 11 Coordinator