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What are my talents? What do I excel at? What can I contribute and how? These are questions that many of us struggle to consider, let alone respond to. Is it common to see the ‘glass half empty’ when we self reflect? One thing that can prevent us from reaching our potential is our skewed self concept, what we think of ourselves. Everyone of us is unique and we possess many wonderful characteristics and traits that if identified and utilised can open many doors of opportunity and create amazing life experiences.

Week 7 saw the Year 11 cohort participate in the ‘My Strengths/ My Futures program. This program is aimed at helping the students find their strengths, the personality traits that are unique and great about themselves. Each student completed a My Strengths assessment. This assessment helped each student find their top five strengths and gain an insight into their great qualities. These qualities are extremely diverse from visionary and strategic to analytical, practical and responsible. These qualities were not only self identified but recognised by their peers.

From their strengths, the students then looked to their future. Their dreams, the steps they need to take to get there. They are aware that there will be some setbacks and hard times, but they understand that setbacks are temporary and hardships don’t last. The strengths to the future is a process that involves reflection and a strong element of resilience. This process of growth happens daily, not in a day and thus requires commitment and determination.

Not only was this program beneficial to each individual student, it presented information for the College, the Pastoral team and the teachers of Year 11 to assist the students in becoming better young men and enhance their ideals and future opportunities.

Year 11 is a fantastic cohort with amazing talent, character and ability across so many fields. The young men have commenced their ‘My future’ process. We as a College are excited about where this process will take them. As a College we hope each and every student uses the knowledge gained from this program to strive for a better future and one where they reach their potential because at the end of the day, that is all we can ask of them and it is all they can ask of themselves.

Student reflective quotes:

I personally liked the activity. I thought it was very motivational and inspirational. It really made me reflect on what I want to do in my life. It taught me that small goals really help you succeed and progress throughout your lifetime and that it’s very important to have them. I personally really liked Diego as he was very welcoming and inspiring in his delivery. Overall it was a positive experience. (Ethan Estraube)

I really enjoyed my strengths, I feel Diego really interacted well with our group and reassured me that the future will be alright if you are patient and take it step by step. He told me my strengths are really powerful and made me think of a whole different side of myself (Max Cunial)

The My Strengths team assisted me in acknowledging my own strengths and how they can positively impact myself as well as others in day to day life. The activity helped me to reaffirm what my strengths are, and how planning combined with an optimistic approach can bring these goals to a reality. The ‘My Future’ portion of the activity allowed me to reflect on my own life currently and what I want to achieve within my own life. (Alexander Grech)

Trent Mitchell
Year 11 Pastoral Coordinator.