ERC Updates

Year 10 Reflection Day ‘Your Choicez’

On Thursday 16th February Year 10 gathered in the Br Pelin Hall for a new Reflection Day Program facilitated by Matt Wilesmith from ‘Your Choicez Media’, focussed on the theme ‘Respectful Relationships’.

Guided by Matt and their teachers, students took some time to reflect on the topics of Relationships, Sexual Decision Making, Pornography, Consent and Sexual Ethics, Identity and Pressures and Love. Even though some of the topics and ideas presented were confronting, it was an opportunity for the students to gain insight into these topics in a safe and respectful way.

The program, designed to give the students relevant and up to date information about these important topics, broke many common misconceptions, provided answers founded on research and science and empowered the boys to make informed choices moving forward.

The boys were thoughtful, challenged and reflective on the material presented and will take this back to their Religious Education classrooms to continue to reflect on the idea of building ‘respectful relationships’ with others.

Reflections from Year 10 students:

“The program is a great way to give a thorough understanding of how to grow as a man in your journey of life.

“I recommend this day because you learn about current world problems around sexual confrontation and how people think sexual problems should be or how they are meant to be”.

“I would recommend this program to the next Year 10 cohort as it allows students to gain a deeper insight on the consequences to their actions. The damage certain consent can do to not only your mind, but also physically as well”.

Mrs Anderson
Head of Religion Studies