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Why Choose Ancient & Modern History

In the next few weeks, your son will need to make some important decisions regarding subject selections.

It is important to remember that when students are interested and motivated in a specific discipline, they will consistently apply themselves as there is a level of personal enjoyment in learning.

Both Ancient and Modern History relive the past through narrative. This is what makes History exciting and memorable.

Why was one of Greece’s greatest military forces, the Spartans, defeated by the Persians at the Battle of Thermopylae? Betrayal!

What was the human cost of the Five-Year Plans to boost industrial and agriculture production by as much as 439% within the Soviet Union under Stalin? From famine alone – up to 10 million lives.

These are the past worlds your son will enter during his study of Ancient and/or Modern History. Plunder, profit, dictatorship, democracy, war, peace, colonisation, imperialism, revolution and empires.

How did a young 20-year-old Alexander the Great take on the mighty Persian empire and win? He never lost a battle and no other general has ever matched his achievements.

Why did Chairman Mao sacrifice his own people during the Great Leap Forward in order to achieve a communist victory?

As HSC examination papers contain a range of question styles – short answers, source based responses, as well as longer, more structured arguments, Ancient and Modern History cater to a range of academic abilities.

History teachers at Edmund Rice College are passionate, dedicated and hardworking, and possess a high level of knowledge and expertise. Consequently, the Ancient and Modern History results have consistently remained above the State average over the years. There is a long tradition of success…

Certainly, student testimonials are one of our most powerful marketing tools for the promotion of subject selection. Consider the following from current Years 11 and 12 Ancient and Modern History students:

“Modern History is incredibly engaging as it allows you to connect the past with the present. Learning about significant personalities and key events in the world is rewarding, interesting and thoroughly engaging. If you enjoy stories, you will enjoy Modern History.” (Nathanael Shaw, Marcus Stevanoski, Will Douglas, Elijah Hurley, Finn Rogers – Year 11 Modern History)

“We love Ancient History because of the stories. It is different to every other subject. We see how life has changed over time. It is fun!” (Jag Stergess, Toby Scott, James Kipps – (Year 12 Ancient History)

“I enjoy Ancient History because it is like immersing into a different world. You can put yourself into another life and understand the parallel between our world and the worlds of the past.” (Samuel Milross-Rose – Year 12 Ancient History)

Mrs Lothian 

Head of History