ERC Updates

Year 10 Engineering

In the exciting world of year 10 Engineering, our budding Engineers have been hard at work designing and constructing model bridges as part of the first unit of study. This hands-on project catering to boys education allowed the students to explore engineering principles, research different bridge types, and put their creativity to the test.

The boys developed their own designs with the challenge being not only to create. Visually appealing structures but also ensuring the bridges could bear substantial weight. Armed with. A limited timber, glue sticks, paper. For gussets the boys set out on their individual task.

At conclusion of the design and construction process the ultimate test arrived- the strengths test. Using a winch device, the bridges were subjected to increasing weights until they reached their breaking point. Some bridges including Kalan Walsh’ holding over 80kg. Kalan commented “ The innovative use of paper gussets proved to be a critical element in supporting the additional weight in my design”.

Many students like Kalan found themselves deviating from their original designs and embracing a more spontaneous approach. He admitted, “I got completely off track with my original design and started to just go with the flow, and had no specific bridge in mind”. This adaptability and willingness to explore different paths exemplified the creative spirit of engineering.

As we conclude this unit, we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Year. 10 engineers and we look forward to witnessing their continued growth in the field of Engineering. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our Technology Department.

Mr Daniel Breeze
Technology Teacher