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Year 10 Camp

After missing out on the ski trip due to Covid, the Year 10 Camp was much anticipated throughout the year. Leaving on Monday and returning on Friday we all took on a series of fun and challenging outdoor activities, each one teaching us something new and valuable. Despite the weather the show went on with some activities being tweaked to suit the new conditions, still providing great experiences which created bonds that will last a lifetime. The camp also taught many of us to be more resilient and persevering in the face of harsh circumstances and conditions.

Since we were not able to attend the Year 8 camp we were not prepared for the training that we were meant to receive previously for the SUPER TRAIL. As we did a warm up lap it was evident that going down was far more fun than going up. Before we knew it we were on our way to the SUPER TRAIL. As we started the climb the rain conveniently stopped for us as the harsh sun shone down on us. We started with a long trail that took around 30 minutes to complete with plenty of ups and downs along the ridged sandy and rocky bush. After that we had a short climb to the much anticipated and talked up SUPER TRAIL. Seeing it for the first time we all felt prepared and excited. As the instructor made us line up and go two at a time it was worth the wait to be zooming down with your mates.

We also took part in archery which was a great new experience for many, with some people hitting bullseye on their first go! Another great activity was the A frame which consisted of one person standing on a wooden frame with people moving it in teams using ropes attached to it. This activity was really good for team building as it encouraged team work and communication which was a valuable learning experience for all. We also had a Koori talk from an Aboriginal man who told us about the land, customs and traditions that surround it. We also got to try throwing boomerangs and playing didgeridoos which was a really great culturally enriching experience.

Abseiling and rock climbing were definitely a highlight for all during our stay at Coolendel. Abseiling was the first stop and was a good introduction into how the harnesses work. The abseil was fantastic and the thrill you got from both dangling off the edge of the cliff then leaping down it was definitely one of the best experiences at camp. Rock climbing was also a great experience. There were three courses you could take, ranging from beginner to expert. The beginner was really enjoyable and was a great introduction to rock climbing. It was also a great bonding experience for the group as we were all trying to direct people.

High wires was a very fun experience. The activities that were associated with the high wires was a sumo-like fight on a tightrope between two trees the group was split into two teams, a red and a blue team. Then one member of each team would climb the tree and hold onto two coloured ropes on each side of them for balance and after a countdown the members on each side would walk towards each other and try to push their opponent off the rope. Our instructor Riley told us that one time when two students were fighting as soon as the fight began one of the students let go of the ropes and ran on the tightrope towards the other student and pushed him off.

The other activity that we participated in was a flying fox. We would climb up another tree and get attached to the zipline and would get pushed off the platform that we had to stand on after a count of three. It was really fun when going on the flying fox. Some students even hung upside down on their descent. Overall the high wire activity was a really cool experience. It would have been even better if the weather wasn’t as bad as it was.

While one half of the cohort were participating in these activities, the other half were on the expedition – both hiking and canoeing. Starting from base camp we trekked 5 km up Mt Grady, carrying our packs and gear with us. After going through spiky and thorny bushes and climbing the steep hills we made it to the top and set up camp for the night. The views were absolutely stunning despite the weather being rainy and humid. We set up our fly’s which were just tarps that hung over our heads. They didn’t stop all the rain from coming in but the show went on nonetheless, with most people having to endure wet feet and clothes. After cooking a delicious Mt Grady stew we slept overnight and woke up to the sunset rising over the mountain before heading back down.

The canoeing was a very challenging experience. It involved going through and around rapids on the way up, it was all fun until two canoes flipped, their stuff got all wet, since it was raining that day everything got a little wet. When we got to camp we had to set up our fly’s. It is a good time bonding with the rest of the group. On the way back we had to scope out the rapids for the best path. It was exhilarating going down them and picking up speed. Racing the other canoes, it was all peaceful and views were beautiful.

In conclusion the Year 10 Camp was really fun with many great experiences that will be remembered for years to come.

By Patrick Sirianni, Zane Al-Salih, Marcus Henriques-Thakur, Scott Mayer and James Kenworthy

Mr Fields
Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinator