ERC Updates

Writing with Expression

Expressing identities through poetry, creating fear through horror writing, learning about the value of Shakespeare and analysing how images tell stories are just some of the concepts students in Years 7 to 10 have been exploring in English.

In all of these programs, students are learning how words and images shape meaning. In particular, there is a focus on writing. Whether it be an imaginative piece about a haunted house, a poem about the stereotypes of masculinity or a speech about why Shakespeare is still relevant, the ability to use imagery, structure sentences correctly and have access to a strong vocabulary becomes increasingly important.

In English, we are constantly developing ways that allow students to see the value, power and importance of the written word. Our Year 12 Extension students recently enjoyed a leisurely flanerie around the Crown Street shopping precinct, taking in the sights and sounds of the bustling city. As the term ‘flanerie’ implies, the focus was on students becoming attuned to their environment by closely observing the details of their setting and the people. Under the guidance of their teacher, Mr Max Booyar-Rybak, students began to see how a place that is overly familiar, can hold a wealth of stories. As they sat with pen and paper, they participated in various writing activities including verbal cinema and word paintings. They also wrote pieces inspired by works in Wollongong’s Art Gallery and the city library setting.


Earlier this month, the English Faculty also participated in the College’s Open Day. During the afternoon, prospective students and parents were engaged in activities focusing on writing and reading. It was also an opportunity to discuss what we offer and answer any questions about the secondary English syllabus.


Mrs Guest
Acting Head of English