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Why Should Students Choose Social Science Subjects?

Why should ERC students choose Social Science subjects?

The Social Science faculty at ERC offers four choices for Year 11 and 12 – Business Studies, Economics, Geography and Legal Studies. There are a number of reasons why your son would benefit from studying one of, or a range of these subjects:

1. Personal interest – each of these subjects has links to aspects of the students’ lives. For example, many students in Year 10 and above are interested in investing in either shares or cryptocurrency. Also, many students have aspirations to work for themselves and run their own business one day. Other students enjoy mountain bike riding through the beautiful escarpment ecosystem.

2. Tertiary study – all social science courses feed into tertiary education courses. For example at UOW the following study areas welcome students who have studied these subjects.

3. Popularity – on average 65% of Year 11 students study at least one Social Science subject (a further 28% study two or more subjects). This means that class sizes are ideal for effective teaching and learning activities and classes are resourced in a comprehensive manner.

4. Real world examples – the integration of real world examples is vital for learning in Social Science. In Geography this involves excursion to urban developments, dairy farms and ecosystems while in Business Studies the students “adopt” a local business. Legal Studies welcome speakers from the police force and legal professionals such as barristers, as well as visiting the Wollongong District Court.

5. Skills – students learn valuable skills explicitly in class. All Social Science teachers have been trained in Literacy for Learning, as well as being experts in teaching analytical and evaluative skills. Whatever the student’s future plans these skills are vital in a rapidly changing world.

6. Excellent HSC Results – year on year results across these four subjects are consistently above state average.


Mr Tyler

Head of Social Science