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VAM – Visual Arts and Music Night 2023

Senior Jazz Band: Swinging to Success

In G1, the evening’s entertainment commenced with a warm up set by the Senior Jazz Band. These boys have been playing together for several years and have performed at various College and public performances. This was potentially their last performance as a group. Their musical contribution over the last few years has been greatly appreciated.

Members: Zachary Lum, Elias Logue, Zac Charteris, Patrick Sirianni, Marcus Meogrossi

Junior Band: A Symphony in Progress

The Junior Band, brimming with youthful energy and budding talent, delivered an exceptional performance that belied their age. They performed the hip Herbie Hancock hit, Watermelon Man and a rocking rendition of Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Their dedication to honing their skills and embracing the joy of music shone through every note they played. Their commitment serves as an inspiration to all aspiring musicians, and we are excited to witness their growth as they continue on their musical journey.

Students that performed: Rocco Lazaroski, Aaron Pasztor, Caden Lester, Jonathon Pulido, Daniel Morozov, Kai Walsh, Bowen Saunders, Jaxon Towers

Year 12 Music Class: A Melodic Farewell

The musical offerings by the Year 12 students at the VAM night provided a perfect run through for their HSC Music Performance Exam which the students completed on Friday 8th September!

The program included a variety of styles from Pop to Jazz and Bossa to Blues. The students are to be commended on preparing a well balanced and refined program of music which not only entertained the crowd at VAM night but surely impressed the examiners at their performance exam. We wish these boys all the very best with their musical journey.

Gabriel Stranges, Jake Potter, Curtis O’Carroll, David Massarella, William Papakosmas, Joseph Gveric

Youtube Link to highlights from the night –

Mr Bonaccorso (Room G1)
Music Teacher


The ever-popular Stage Band provided a strong start to the evening in G2, and despite the absence of several crucial members due to illness, they delivered exceptional performances of “Funkytown” and “I Feel Good.” Given their frequent appearances in front of large audiences at local primary schools, it was no surprise that they performed with such confidence, regardless of the circumstances.

Following the Stage Band, several members of the Year 9 Music class showcased their incredible instrumental skills with a rendition of “Sweet Home Chicago,” a piece they have mastered over time, ensuring its quality.

Flint Kim, a Year 7 student, displayed courage by performing a solo piano arrangement of “In the Stars.” At the conclusion of his performance, a radiant smile adorned his face, well-deserved after his astonishing performance.

Jethro Lewin, also from the Year 9 music class, embraced the challenge of performing a solo piano arrangement of “See You Again” by Tyler, The Creator, adding a melodious touch to the evening’s program.

Jaeden Soncy, another Year 9 student, composed a piano medley of three pieces for his performance on the night: “Turkish March,” “Mockingbird,” and “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Given that it was only his second live solo performance, he played admirably.

Three more Year 9 Music class students formed a small ensemble to perform an original piece composed by the talented keyboard player James Massarella. Supported by Caelan Sinclair on bass and Dante Hernandez on drums, they delivered the at-present untitled piece with a level of quality not often paralleled by students of their age.

The Year 11 Music class offered an eclectic mix of styles, performing repertoire they are preparing for next year’s HSC examination. The section commenced with Liam Baulman’s rendition of the song “Hey Joe” by Psychedelic Rock icon Jimi Hendrix, accompanied by Malo Chiodo on piano, Luca Chiodo on bass, and Kalani Thompson on drums.

Cooper Hemmy and Julian Eckermann followed, leading the night’s musical journey in another direction with their Baritone and Euphonium duets.

Julian performed the piece “Freefall,” inspired by the story of Felix Baumgartner, who broke the world record for the highest altitude freefall jump. This piece featured an array of fast, dazzling descending lines that showcased Julian’s technical expertise on the Euphonium.

“Song for Ina,” a sombre piece described as a work of quiet passion in loving memory of a dear friend, provided an opportunity for Cooper to demonstrate his expression and dynamics on the Baritone Horn.

Originally written as a Keyboard Sonata, Scarlatti’s “Sonata in A” presented some very technical contrapuntal aspects challenging for most guitarists. Patrick Sirianni played this complex arrangement with the flair we have come to expect.

“Hotel California,” the classic 70’s hit subtly addressing materialism within the “American Dream” by the Eagles, featured Michael Cuoco on drums, accompanied by Beau Anderson on guitar and Cooper Hemmy on bass. This marked Michael’s second performance of this piece, having previously presented it in May for the Mother’s Day High Tea.

Beau followed up his accompanying role in “Hotel California” with his solo guitar HSC piece, “Playing God.” A challenging piece by a new breed of innovative guitarists, it is evident that Beau has invested many hours mastering this complex composition.

Luca’s “Everyday” for solo piano followed, providing a stark contrast to the previous piece with its dynamic range and expression. His rendition certainly included some magical moments.

Closing the evening, Malo Chiodo, accompanied by Kalani Thompson on drums, Kobey Weekes on guitar, and Liam Baulman on bass, performed the late 70s classic “Sultans of Swing.” With a cacophony of melodic pitch bends and a flurry of legato passages, Malo channelled his “inner-Knopfler” within this piece. It was a fantastic conclusion to the event, ensuring the program ended on a high note. Congratulations to all the Year 11 boys for their preparation and dedication to their music. We are sure to hear much more from these talented individuals in the immediate future.

Please see the attached photos taken within both rooms during the performances.

Mr Haybittle (Room G2)
Music Teacher