ERC Updates

This Fortnight in Humanities

This week in History 8F, Mrs Kennedy set up an HIIT (History Intensity Interval Teaching) with various learning stations of which were ‘themed’ to a specific characteristic of an Ottoman Empire lifestyle. With five total stations, each group of 4 to 5 people rotated every eight minutes researching each topic aided by the themed decorations and props at each of the stations.

  • Station 1 was about Housing, where mini carpets and cushions were placed all around the station with complimentary Turkish bread provided for students to eat.
  • Station 2 was about Occupation and Merchants in the Ottoman Empire, this had Turkish currency displayed and goods from the Bazar.
  • Station 3 was about Coffee Houses and had Turkish style coffee cups and trays and it had Turkish Delights for the students.
  • Station 4 was about Ottoman Religious Life and Mosques.
  • Station 5 was about Marriage and Women in the Ottoman Empire and various advantages and disadvantages of being a woman in the Ottoman Empire.

Overall, this was a great experience and a unique fun way of learning history. It was more engaging than regular lessons!

By Dylan Belokoski

(Year 8 F History)