ERC Updates

TASS – The Alpha School System – Registering your son being absent online

Thank you parents for helping us move towards TASS (The Alpha School System), the new Parent Lounge Online:

This online portal will continue to provide vital communication between parents and the school.  If you require further assistance please email

Only absent from school entries entered by the parent or the office will appear on the Portal. The official roll is marked during the Home Room period, an SMS will be sent to parents by 9am in the morning for parents to acknowledge on the parent portal.

If your son has been recorded as being absent on the Portal, please select the “Absences” option on the homepage of TASS. The “acknowledge” link next to recorded absences will allow you to provide a reason online for your son being absent and attach any documentation if required. We encourage you to use this feature as an alternative to phoning, sending a note or documentation to the College.

Medical details are able to be checked and updated through the Parent Portal, please take some time in reviewing the details that the College has on the TASS system.

Now available on the Parent Portal Academic Reports (past and current). From the beginning of the 2022 school year the College Calendar will also be available.

Mr Sirianni

Director of Information Technologies & Innovation