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TASS School Information System Phone Application

We’re excited to announce that Edmund Rice College is launching Parent Orbit, a new mobile app for parents. We want parents to have greater flexibility when accessing data, communicating, and completing tasks on the go.

The Parent Orbit app is now ready for you to download and use! Please find the feature overview attached.

To download the app:

1. Go to:

You’ll be directed to the Apple or Google store. (NOTING: This will only work on phones only.)

2. Click the Install button. After the app is installed, our school will be loaded as an account.
3. Click on the school name then tap the login button.
4. Enter your Parent Lounge credentials onto the login screen that appears.

If you are asked to enter a school code, please enter erc.

You are now ready to check out our new app.

How do I get assistance with any issues I have using the app?
If you have any issues with installing, logging into, or using Parent Orbit, please contact us here:

Feature of the Parent Orbit App

Below is a list of features that you will find when browsing the app.


The homepage will contain key information to keep you up to date on your student’s school day.

Push Notifications / Notification History

Schools will be able to send targeted notifications via the app, so that parents are only alerted to information that’s relevant to their child e.g., Extra-Curricular practice. You’ll also be able to acknowledge notifications and view and search notification history.

Attendance & Absences

Parents will be able to acknowledge and submit absences, as well as view the attendance history for their child on the go, making it easier for schools to ensure they have accurate and up-to-date information on student whereabouts.

Student Details

Parents will be able to view their student’s information including General information, MCEECDYA information, View and Update Medical Details, Illness Log records, Extra-Curricular History, Email Class Teachers, View and download Academic Reports, and any other additional customised data the school has made available.


Parents will get access to their child’s electronic diary, as a day or month view, to keep up to date with their children’s activities. This includes a multi-student view for parents and the ability to include/exclude different calendar feeds.


Parents will have the ability to access and make payments for School Fees and Events & Payments via links to Parent Lounge.

Parent Profile

Parents will be able to view their personal details, address information and login history, as well as submit updates to the address blocks. This will allow you to make sure that the school always has the most up to date and accurate information for contacting you, as well as provide you the ability to review what your account has been accessed.

Mr Sirianni
Director of Information Technologies & Innovation