ERC Updates

Sport Update

The wet and wild weather conditions the east coast has faced over the past month has significantly impacted the College’s sporting calendar. With many events having to be postponed and ultimately cancelled. We are hoping that the wet weather stays away as the rescheduled Cross Country, U13 – Open Rugby League, U13 – Open Football and U14 – Open Oz-Tag events are all set to take place during April.

The College has been juggling schedules for Rugby League, Football, Basketball, Volleyball & Futsal, and I would like to thank the coaches of all teams for being so accommodating in sharing the limited spaces available.

In the midst of all the wet weather, some events have been able to go ahead, and the College would like to congratulate the following students for the Diocesan & CCC selections.

NSWCCC Golf Representative

  • Aksel Thomsen

NSWCCC Volleyball Representatives

  • Matthew Bunder
  • Caleb Barnes

U15 & Open Diocesan Touch Representatives

  • U15 Touch: Noah Fien, Max Fife, Chase Grant, Cooper Morrison
  • Opens Touch: Jye Barnes, Tom Kirk, Alec Rochaix

U15 & Open Diocesan Rugby League Representatives

  • 15s Rugby League: Chase Grant, Tom Voase, Cooper Morrison, Noah Fien, Bayden Reh, Archie Wheeler, CJ Meafou, Kai Wilson
  • Open Rugby League: Tom Kirk, Vincent Valentinetti, Jack Cesare, Nahni Meafou, Zachary Magelsdorf, Beau Devlin, Daniel Meafou, Noah McNally, Alec Rochaix, Harrison Hooper.

Mr Timpano
Sports Coordinator