ERC Updates

Project Based Learning 

Year 7 Enrichment – Mathematics and Science – Rockets 

On August 23rd, the Year 7 Enrichment Class participated in an action-packed incursion learning about rocketry. During the day we learned how to calculate altitude using a clinometer and trigonometry. We then modeled the rockets on their computers with an application called OpenRocket, which allowed us to show the estimated flight path of our rocket. Next, we prepared our rockets and moved to Keira Park to prepare for launch! Overall the launches went fantastically, although some rocket’s parachutes failed to deploy. Overall, it was an action-packed day filled with plenty of learning opportunities and fun-filled moments.

By Aaron Pasztor and Farbod Ghafarnezhad 

Year 8 History – Renaissance Escape Rooms

The History escape room process was very interesting and fun. We had to work together in a team to create ideas and build an array of puzzles that challenged the participants whilst making it able to have been completed. We had two days to form ideas, gather materials, and create a final escape room. After we had finished our parents came and attempted the escape room.  The parents had a blast and we even had four other groups attempt our escape room. All participants successfully completed the Escape Room and enjoyed it. 

– Leo Halio Lewis


Across the two days of the creation of the history escape rooms, my team and I got to work together diving deep into the different ways of putting out different ideas together to create a challenging but fun escape room. On day one we began to decide what our theme was. We decided to take inspiration from the architectural genius, Filippo Brunelischi and give it a twist to how things happened in the old days. We were based around the period in time where the Albizzi family shunned Cosimo de Medici from the city of Florence and captured Filippo Brunelischi. We gathered all the supplies from the Library table, and began getting ideas on how to put them together.

– Andre Abulnour