ERC Updates

Off Campus Learning – Term 3 2021


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you would be aware, the NSW Premier has announced that the current COVID-19 lockdown will continue until Friday 16th July. As a result, all Greater Sydney schools (including those in the Wollongong region) will commence with online learning for the first week of Term 3. The Premier’s instructions indicated that schools should remain open for those parents who are front-line health care and essential service workers.

Request for Information from Parents

With this in mind, I ask that parents inform the College via the link below if you are sending your son to school throughout next week. May I ask that you please respond to this link by Sunday 11th July 2021 so that we can plan for appropriate supervision and staff. Please be aware that students who are on campus next week at any stage are required by NSW Health to wear face masks.

Transition to Off-Campus-Learning

Please be assured that for all students, learning will continue. On Monday 12th July, the scheduled Staff Development Day is an important measure in preparing for our transition to online learning.

From Tuesday 13th July, we will commence with our Off-Campus-Learning Plan with the College automatically moving to an Off-Campus timetable. Boys are to follow their regular school timetable via Zoom video conferencing, with all lessons being shortened to 40 minutes, and utilising our learning Google Classroom platform for student access and school work submission. Parents, Carers and students can access our Off-Campus Learning Mode, including a number of resources through the following link:

While the College will remain open for students whose circumstances do not allow them to engage in Off-Campus-Learning, all students will have the same learning opportunity, regardless of whether they are accessing learning material from home or school. The College will provide a venue for students, which will be supervised; however, all lessons will be delivered in the same mode for all students via Google Classroom. Please be aware that class attendance rolls will be marked during each timetabled lesson.

Students who attend school on campus should meet at the cola meeting point at 8.00 am each morning. Supervision will be provided for the timetabled school day, and buses will continue to run as normal. Students who travel on public transport are required to wear a mask.

Student Work and Feedback

Learning Experiences and modified Assessment Tasks will continue to be conducted and recorded. Assessment Tasks may need adjusting from what was initially planned; however, all teachers will continue to monitor student learning and provide necessary feedback. The College will continue to implement the Assessment Policy and follow modified assessment schedules where necessary.

Preliminary HSC and HSC Students

In respect to our senior students, we will monitor and communicate any NESA updates particularly in relation to the HSC exam projects, submitted works, and exam performances. Regarding practical components, students undertaking HSC Major Works will be supported to access school facilities and on-site teacher support if they cannot do so at home. The College will make every effort to ensure equity across all courses. Senior students must communicate with their teacher and use the usual processes, including applications for misadventure.

Please be advised that in light of ongoing restrictions and continued uncertainty when they will end, the Catholic Schools Secondary Association (CSSA) have announced a revision of their previous decision, and ultimately moved the HSC Trial period to commence on Monday 9th August (week 5). The revised timetable can be accessed via the link below.

Year 7 adapting to online learning

We are very aware that Years 8-12 are familiar with the Off-Campus-Learning Plan from their experience during 2020. For Year 7 students (and any other students new to the College), this will be a relatively new experience. On Tuesday at 8.00 am all students will participate in a Zoom video conference with their respective Home Room teacher and will be briefed on the week ahead. Parents and students are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the attached document to assist them in adapting to this new virtual learning environment. Please do not hesitate to contact our IT should you require technical assistance.

Students Receiving Learning Support

Students who have been receiving support in the classroom will continue to have this assistance during timetabled lessons. Learning Support will follow their usual timetable and will be involved in the lesson as required. The teacher will give instructions for when relevant students are requested to log out and sign in to specific assistance from Learning Support. These times will not be isolated lessons but will be in conjunction with the main timetabled lesson. Students who are involved in normal small group activities e.g. MacqLit, will be sent an email from Mrs Dunkelrey including a Zoom link and relevant information by Tuesday morning. Please direct any Learning Support questions to Mrs Renate Dunkerley:

Student Wellbeing

As well as their formal academic learning, we have plans to continue to monitor the wellbeing and health of all students as they adapt to this remote scenario. Our Off-Campus timetable will allow for students to have a series of interspersed breaks throughout each day. Please do not hesitate to contact your son’s relevant Year Coordinator for both assistance and support.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to engage in Off-Campus-Learning just as if they were at school.

  • If students are unwell, parents or carers are asked to call the school office by 8.00 am.
  • If a student is not engaging with their lessons and responding appropriately to the classwork as directed by the teacher(s), the College will, in turn, contact parents/carers.
  • Students are required to complete all the assigned work given by their teachers.
  • If students have questions, they may direct these to their teacher.
  • Students must always do their best and seek support if needed.
  • Your son’s Year Coordinator will also be your primary Pastoral Care contact.
  • Our College counsellors will also be available for you and your son if required.

School policies and protocols apply irrespective of whether students are at school or home. It is important that parents are vigilant in respect to their son’s commitment to their learning.

I fully appreciate how challenging this time is for families, schools and the broader community. Together we will continue to do our very best to provide parents and carers with as much information as possible and promote the best learning opportunities for our students. We will keep you informed as information becomes available concerning any advice received from either NSW Health, Catholic Schools NSW, and NESA.

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each of you for your continued support as we work together for the benefit of your sons. Please do not hesitate to contact the College if we can assist in any way.

Your sincerely,

Stephen Gough