ERC Updates

NSW / ACT Regional Inter-Schools Snow Championships

The NSW/ACT Regional Interschools Snow Sports Championships were held in the first week of Term 3 at Perisher Ski Resort. The College had 13 students participate in the various ski and snowboard events. For many of the younger students, it was their first time competing at this level, and they gained valuable competitive experience which will hold them in great stead for the future championships.

The ERC Snow team consisted of the following students: Caleb Barnes, Luca Chiodo, Malo Chiodo, Sebastian Edwards, William Evans, Ari Ganassin, Dylan Lester, Caden Lester, Oscar Millar-Jenkins, Koen Minett, Zane Taylor, Kalan Taylor & Hunter Upcroft.

Some stand out results include:

Caleb Barnes – Alpine GS 3rd & Ski Cross 7th

Caleb Barnes & Zane Taylor – Ski Cross Team 8th

Ari Ganassin – 12th in both Snowboard GS & Snowboard Cross

Kalan Taylor, Hunter Upcroft, Oscar Millar-Jenkins and Caden Lester – Alpine GS Team 7th

Congratulations to the following students who have been invited to participate at the State Finals in August: Caleb Barnes, Zane Taylor, Dylan Lester, Ari Ganassin, William Evans, Kalan Taylor, Hunter Upcroft, Oscar Millar-Jenkins and Caden Lester.

Finally thank you to the traveling parents who supported the team by managing, organising and volunteering! Without you, the students would not have been able to have this experience.

Mr Timpano
Sports Coordinator