ERC Updates

Musicians found the right notes for Founder’s Day Mass

We would like to extend our congratulations to a group of students who humbly served and uplifted the spirit of the Founder’s Day Mass through their musical contributions. These individuals selflessly dedicated their talents to enriching the mass with a sense of reverence and deep connection to the essence of the occasion.

To all students, we encourage you to continue embracing the values of service and humility in all your future musical endeavours.

The group members included:

Mr. O’Dea – Saxophone
Tim Armitage – Saxophone
Mr. Bonaccorso – Saxophone
Rocco Lazaroski – Violin
Stirling Roper – Vocals
Elias Logue – Vocals
KJ Sullivan – Vocals
Patrick Sirianni – Trumpet
Aaron Wiersma – Trumpet
Julian Eckermann – Euphonium
Mr. Pullella – Keyboard/ Vocals
Bowen Saunders – Guitar
Mr. Haybittle – Guitar
Marcus Meogrossi – Percussion
Tyler Oliver – Sound
Jonah Kaise – Sound

Please see below for photos of the students and teachers involved.

Mr Haybittle and Mr Bonaccorso
Music Teachers