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Miss Kathleen Mary McGuinness

Miss Kathleen McGuinness retired after 46 years of service in a career that was a life lived and heartfelt in her commitment to Edmund Rice College and to the Wollongong Diocese.

Starting in January 1967, Kath’s years at the College cover a broad sweep of College history. Kath influenced the lives of over 6000 boys, hundreds of staff, 60 Brothers and 9 Headmasters who passed through the College in the past 46 years and through this time Kath has been a constant. A living treasure, a vital and irreplaceable source of knowledge on the history of the College, Kath will leave a void that cannot really be filled. Kath was a wonderful faith-filled servant of Catholic education, a historian, an archivist, a sacristan, a catechist, a librarian, a teacher – roles vital and essential in respect to the pulse beat of the College.

The College has been rewarded over the past 50 years by the contributions of two amazing legends who typified dedicated faith and service to education and community. Edmund Rice College is the beneficiary of two outstanding figures who worked tirelessly and together during some of the most challenging and traumatic chapters of our College.

Financial hardship, limited resources, economic restraints, tragedy, royal commissions, emotional and psychological pain, grief, community backlash, despair and from this built and continued the traditions that have inspired and established the foundations we have in place that demonstrate the resilience and true character of our College today. 

We are eternally grateful for this inspirational strength and belief of service by Miss Kathleen McGuinness & Brother C.V. Bell who together withstood the challenges and by their love, devotion and dedicated service guided and protected the cornerstones of our College Touchstones: Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community, Liberating Education and Social Justice by active service. May we continue to carry this flame and bring hope, joy and peace by faithful service and dedication to all those we teach and touch as they have done. 

Gentlewoman, quiet light, morning star

so strong and bright,

gentle mother peaceful dove

teach us wisdom; teach us, love.

You were chosen by the Father:

You were chosen for the Son,

You were chosen from all women

and for woman shining one.

Gentlewoman, quiet light, morning star 

so strong and bright

gentle mother peaceful dove

teach us wisdom; teach us, love

Blessed are you among women

A blessed touch over the true

Blessed they with peaceful spirits

Blessed with special hearts.

Gentlewoman, quiet light,

Gentlewoman peaceful dove

Gentle mother, quiet light,

Gentlewoman peaceful dove



Kath passed away peacefully Sunday evening. By her bedside was her sister Joy and niece Susan who are grateful for the prayers and well wishes Kath has been receiving from the community these past few days but also the love and support she has received these past years while convalescing at the IRT unit Woonona.

Due to the health regulations at this time, the Edmund Rice Community will organise and pay tribute to Kathleen McGuinness with her family and friends in the foreseeable future. Please keep Kath and her family in your prayers.

Russell Bates

Colleague and Loving Friend