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Literacy at ERC

During Term 2 we continued our program to build literacy skills among our Year 8 cohort. Students participated in a total of six literacy quizzes, three of them as pre-tests and three as post-tests, so that we can measure improvement.

The quizzes are as listed below, and are still accessible to any student who wants to catch up on any they missed when they were given the opportunity during lessons.

On average across all quizzes, post-tests scores have shown an improvement of student literacy skills by 3.1%.

Congratulations to these students for showing the biggest improvement over the term.

Gabriel Arbelias, Matthew Austin, Brodee Green, Blayke Simpson

Also congratulations to these students for their application and having completed all quizzes.

Benjamin Ayoub, Jensen Curbison, Sebastian Curcio, Alkhataab El Hamad, Finley Henricson, Hasan Nasrawi, Patrick Smith, Carter Thelan, Cosmo Warren, Nakonyon Wreh

If your son misses a quiz during a lesson they can always log into Education Perfect, and complete it at home using their school login details, as they have practiced at school.

We will be continuing with our focus on literacy this term and look forward to further and continuing achievements.

Graph: Pre and post test results for Language Conventions

Ms Lourdes Ndaira
Teacher Librarian