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Laudato Si Week

This week the Catholic Church in Australia recognises Laudato Si’ week, marking the anniversary of the publication of Pope Francis’ encyclical about caring for our common home, encouraging people to bring its ideals to life, focusing on this year’s theme, “Hope for the Earth. Hope for Humanity”.

As a Catholic community, we are invited to use the resources from the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Justice, Peace and Ecology Office based on the key findings of the State of the Environment Report 2021, exploring the human impacts on Australian ecosystems and the environment. They can be accessed from the ACBC Justice, Ecology and Peace site. The Vatican is also promoting the movie The Letter which is a film about leaders who go to Rome to discuss the Pope’s intention and message in Laudato Si. On Sunday, Pope Francis will open Laudato Si’ Week, which for the rest of the world takes place on May 21–28. Australia celebrates Laudato Si Week one week earlier (May 16–24) so it does not clash with the national Reconciliation Week, May 27–June 3.

On Tuesday, students from Year 8 – 12 attended a Mass at St Mary’s College chapel with Fr Michael Dyer to celebrate the week. We thank Mrs Jane MacDonald and the students for their warm welcome, hospitality and enabling us to participate in the prayerful experience.

I learned that it’s important to celebrate Laudato Si week because we have to care for our neighbour including all of creation. (Dylan Rodrigues, Yr 9)

From attending Laudato Si mass I learned about caring for all creation and how every little thing has a meaning. (Zac Oyston Yr9)

From attending the Laudato Si Mass, I learnt that it is important to care for God’s creation. It is important to celebrate Laudato Si Week because it encourages people to take action to protect our planet and raises awareness about environmental issues. (Lachlan Taylor Yr9)

At the Laudato Si Week mass I learnt how much God has given us and that we need to take care of what we have. Creation is beautiful and so important to us humans and all animals living on earth (Zac Nielsen Yr 9)

The earth is our neighbour in creation and as such we should treat the earth with respect, how we would want to be treated. (Elias Logue Yr12)

It was a good experience and I learned that you have to respect nature.(Cohen Armstrong Yr 8)

It is important to celebrate Laudato Si Week as it helps us remember the world around us and its importance in our lives, how it affects us and those around us. Remembering the world is also our neighbour.

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity