ERC Updates

Iftar Dinner

This lunar month is the month of Ramadan in the Islamic calendar which is the ninth month and a holy time for Muslims who take the opportunity to fast, pray and do good works in the community. Adherents fast from dawn to sunset each day as a way to become closer to God, Allah in Arabic. Each day when they break their fast together, the meal is called iftar and it can be simple or a big gathering. As we learn about Islam in Studies of Religion, students were given the opportunity to attend iftars for student leaders at Amity College at Prestons (Year 11) and Shellharbour (Year 12) campuses. These were community building events that helped us all to learn a little more about each other and further our goal of living a Gospel Spirituality based on loving God and our neighbour. As Year 11 student Isaac Kari said, “It was a fantastic experience with many talented people. A great way to step out of your comfort zone and grow while learning new things.”

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity