ERC Updates

From the Writer’s Corner

In Year 11 English Extension One, we have been studying significant literary periods and iconic literature written during those times. Students demonstrated their understanding by composing their own piece of writing that captured the stylistic features of Renaissance literature. They were given the challenge of finding a lesser known piece and submitting this with their own compositions to see if their peers and the teacher could pick which piece was written during the Renaissance and which piece was composed in this last week.

The students did an excellent job and this was evidenced by the fact that it was generally very difficult to identify which was an authentic Renaissance piece and which was the imposter. I am pleased to share with you Will Douglas’ effort; he replicated perfectly the style and structure of a Shakespearean sonnet

If thou could understand my weary cry

And how it doth cast doubt o’ver sweet love,

Thee hear the tale of dreams chain’d up awry,

Compare them to lands sickle’d by thy dove.

When I o’er wrought heavy words that fall

And though born of morning sun that shalt shine,

They shrift survive thy night which terror call;

These words apt to remain like deeds of crime,

But thy must perpend green hills books await

To which bind a soul to love and delay,

Say, thoughts of tarnishing a world sedate.

Literature ought make muse upon today.

So fair to love the language thy speak,

It’s tenour to express, inform, critique.

Francessca Gazzola

Head of English