ERC Updates

From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

This week’s article for Pastoral Care is written by Balunn Simon, our newly appointed College Captain and recognises the generosity of teachers on the day when Australians celebrate World Teacher’s Day.

This week’s Parenting ideas article by Michael Grose provides some valuable insights for parents through the lens of birth order.

Finally, this coming Thursday My Strengths Parenting are leading a webinar that might be of particular interest to the families of our Year 12 students regarding HSC angst.

Today at the College we celebrated World Teachers Day to acknowledge the amazing work that our teachers/support staff have shown this year, especially over the past 4 month while off-campus. In order to show our appreciation, for the outstanding effort every teacher demonstrated, we wanted to provide them with a small gift. Each teacher received a small packet of M‘n’M’s and a card which contained the sincere message, “Many Many thanks for all the work you do! We ALL appreciate you!”. An alternative gift was provided for our teachers with dietary requirements, pun intended, a packet of ‘lifesavers’

SRC Members stood at the front of the school and the back of the school to greet our teachers and present them with their special gifts. Throughout the week I asked students from different year groups to describe their teachers in one word. After receiving many different words from students a ‘word cloud’ was created to show how much we appreciate our teachers and support staff within the College community.

Boys across all year groups were also asked to approach one of their teachers throughout the day and to say thank you for their continual effort, support and dedication to their job throughout Term 3 and the first 3 weeks of Term 4.

I would like to say thank you to the SRC members that woke up early to show their appreciation for all the teachers & support staff.

All students from Years 7-11 should also be congratulated for how well they have transitioned from OCL to being back on campus and following the COVID-19 policies.

Best Wishes,
Balunn Simon
College Captain