ERC Updates

From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

As we enter into the holiday period I just wanted to thank all our families for their support over the past year. The boys finished well and I would like to thank them for the respectful and kind manner in which they treated one another and the staff as the term drew to a close. To mark the end of year students were treated to a celebratory BBQ. Year 8 students were further able to build upon the recent experience enjoying an afternoon of sporting challenges last Friday.

This week a small number of staff undertook specialised training in the My Strengths platform, qualifying them to administer the assessment and engage more fully with the data to help deepen our commitment to the implementation of the strengths approach across the school community.

On Wednesday, we finished the term with our Advent and Thanksgiving Assembly, during which we acknowledged the achievements of the students in Years 7-10 who have demonstrated a commitment to life beyond the classroom, be it through their commitment to Reading, Community Service, Learning or students who have through their commitment to living out the the values espoused by the College demonstrated strong leadership qualities. Among these awards were the Pastoral Care Coordinators Awards which recognises one student in each cohort from Years 7 -10 who espoused the values of the College in 2022.

The Year 7 Pastoral Care Coordinators Award was presented to Sam Stevin, a student who has demonstrated consistent hard work and application to his studies and involving himself across a range of co-curricular activities throughout the year. These include Debating, Public Speaking and Chess. He has been an active member of the SRC and achieved both Academic Honours and Excellence Awards in Semester One. It is no easy feat achieving success and maintaining a very high standard in each of his subjects while displaying outstanding positivity and maturity towards his teachers and peers every day.

The Year 8 Pastoral Care Coordinators Award was presented to Atilla Yalcin. Attila upholds the values and ethos of ERC through his words and actions whilst at all times treating others with respect and dignity. He reflects on a daily basis the values that we associate with the charism of Edmund Rice – Service, Compassion, Fairness, Love, Faith and Generosity. He has wholeheartedly and consistently committed himself to respecting and upholding the dignity of all persons, earning the Inclusive Community Badge for over 60-hours of service as well as being an integral member of the Year 8 SRC.

The recipient of the Year 9 Pastoral Care Coordinators Award is Marc Todoroski. Marc has epitomised what it means to be a student of Edmund Rice College and a man for others. He has an affable personality, which draws others to him in a social context without letting this impact his focus on learning. He is conscientious, selfless and strives to always do his best in everything he does – whether that is his own learning or in his acts for others. Whilst he has received countless awards across a variety of subjects and co-curricular activities, it is the nature of this young man’s character that deserves this recognition – he embodies what others should strive towards. He is a young man of fine character.

The recipient of the Year 10 Pastoral Care Coordinators Award is Samuel Jones. Samuel is a consistently hardworking and self-driven student. He applies himself to his studies consistently and continually strives to ensure he is putting in as much effort as he can to succeed to the best of his ability. His gratitude for being at Edmund Rice College does not just end with him completing work in class to a high standard. He is consistently seen walking around the school wearing his uniform with pride and appreciation of being an Edmund Rice student. He has also utilised many opportunities given by the school to initiate/support those who are marginalised. Samuel encapsulates what it means to be inclusive. He takes genuine interest in who he comes across. His interaction with his peers is always positive and manages to make others feel welcomed. He has done exceptionally well in his Christian Service and Solidarity Learning Program. His hard work as one of the SRC members goes without saying. Samuel has engaged himself in College life by representing the College in Athletics, Cross Country and also the Da Vinci Decathlon.

It has been such a pleasure and a privilege to walk the journey with you and your sons throughout. I hope that the holidays provide an opportunity for rest, rejuvenation and connection. From time to time young people may experience some feelings of loneliness or change in mood throughout the extended time away from school, their friends and routine. Headspace has provided the following factsheet for parents to access over the holidays How to stay healthy over the holidays and from the Way Ahead 10 tips to stress less during the holidays. Additionally they have shared a link to key support services both locally and Australia wide for both students and parents, Kids Helpline and parentline.

I wish you and your family a very happy and holy Christmas. May your hearts and homes be filled with the peace of Christmas.

Mrs Hughes
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing