ERC Updates

From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Last Monday 22 August, Year 7 and 8 students attended an important presentation from Transport NSW regarding safe train travel, this is an important component of our Pastoral Care and Wellbeing program. Many of the boys were surprised to learn not only of the dangers of inappropriate behaviour on the trains but also of the consequences for behaviours that potentially cause danger to themselves or others. If your son is in Year 7 or 8 and you have not already had a conversation with him about this presentation, I encourage you to do so. Please find below some important reminders from Transport NSW.

Level Crossing Violation is a fine of $550:00 for students or $5500:00 for an Adult. This is the same penalty for jumping down onto the train Tracks.

The 8 Carriage Oscar Train weighs 400 Tonne, when doing 100kmh it takes 250 metres to stop.

Fines of $400:00 may be issued on Stations and Trains for the following offenses.

  1. Mucking around
  2. Littering
  3. Swearing
  4. Riding bike, skateboard and scooters
  5. Having your feet on the seats
  6. Graffitiing, etching and peeling stickers off trains and buildings
  7. Forcing and blocking train doors
  8. Smoking
  9. Spitting

Thursday September 8 is R U OK Day?

A national day of action reminding each of us that every day is the day to ask R U OK? Supporting those we notice are struggling with life’s ups and downs is so important. During Pastoral Care lessons next week students will engage in a lesson that promotes and encourages active listening and action and checking in. The themes of these lessons are in line with the RUOK model of checking in with peers and will aim to:

  • Encourage students to recognise signs that a friend/peer is not OK
  • Provide tips on how to check in with a friend/peer
  • Provide information on what mental health support services are available at home, in the community, online, and at school.
  • Throughout the week we will host a range of wellbeing activities at lunchtime including Table Tennis, Yoga, Mindfulness and Art, Cup Cake decorating and Prayerful meditation. It is hoped that these activities will not only remind us of the importance of looking out for others but also looking after ourselves.

Fathers’ Day
This Sunday we celebrate Father’s Day. I would like to wish all of the fathers’, grandfathers’ and father figures in our community a wonderful day of celebration. This week’s Parenting Ideas article by Shoana Hendley highlights why dad’s matter, acknowledging sensitively that Fathers’ Day can be tricky for those whose Father is not present in their lives.

Mrs Hughes
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing