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From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

From time to time young people experience ups and downs, be that in regard to their sense of belonging, the development or breakdown of friendships, the result of physical changes or the emotional ups and downs resulting from peer influence and sometimes this presents itself in ways that require a different style of parenting than that of when they were younger.

The ordinary everyday joys and challenges of parenting go a long way towards strengthening the relationship between a teenager and their parents. It is the family that provides the secure emotional base and that plays an important role in providing consistent boundaries.

This week’s parenting ideas article provides some valuable insight into effective parenting styles for teenagers. Additionally, the article highlights an upcoming webinar titled “Changing parenting gears for the teenage years” on 31 August at 8pm. This webinar would usually cost $39, however, if you enter the code TEENS and then press apply coupon, our membership will allow you to access this free of charge.

Mrs Hughes
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing