ERC Updates

From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At the beginning of the school year I take this opportunity to highlight the importance of school attendance and the correlation between attendance, student wellbeing, and academic success. In order to get the most out of his education, your son needs to attend school every day, including community days and other significant events. Every minute counts, every minute lost can result in gaps in your son’s learning, confidence, socialisation and ability to feel that he is an important part of our College community.

How to explain an absence

Legally, each day of absence must be explained within 7 school days this can be done in any one of the following ways

  • By calling the College Office to inform the Staff,
  • Through the TASS portal
  • Emailing the College at
  • By sending a note to school with an explanation for the absence upon your son’s return.

If you do not explain your son’s absence in one of the above mentioned ways, it remains ‘unexplained’ on the College roll, which is a legal document. We would greatly appreciate the efforts of parents/carers to ensure that all absences are explained and that in all circumstances the boys endeavour to ensure that they are punctual at both the beginning of the school day and to class.

Please note that the law requires us to inform you of our concerns around attendance. If a student has a number of unexplained absences or falls below 90% attendance you will receive a letter and a formal meeting may be required and an ‘Attendance Improvement Plan’ developed.

Approved Leave

From the beginning of 2015, family holidays and travel are no longer considered under exemption procedures by the NSW Department of Education and travel outside of school holidays are now counted as an absence for statistical purposes. All planned leave must be communicated to the College prior to the leave. Leave between 1 and 3 days should be communicated in writing to the relevant Pastoral Care Coordinator at least 1 week prior to the leave. Leave exceeding 3 days must be applied for in writing and must be approved by the Principal. Parents are encouraged to avoid requests for leave when students are in Years 10, 11 and 12 due to the importance of students regularly attending classes for their ROSA and HSC studies. It is important to be aware that students who take leave that has not been officially approved may receive a Zero for any assessment task scheduled during this time.

Applications for Approved Leave 1-3 days

Applications for Approved Leave greater than 4 days

Must be addressed to the Principal and should be emailed to
Alternatively, a hand written request may be submitted via the College Office.

Early leave or late arrivals

Students arriving late to school or departing early from school must sign in and out of the College via Student Services located at the College Office. If a student is leaving the school during the school day then they should present a signed note to the College Office at the start of the day. If the student is returning to the College after an appointment their parent/carer may drop them back at school without coming in, however, the student must sign in at the Office. In the case of an unexpected need to collect your son during the school day please phone the College Office rather than contacting your son directly. Our staff will ensure that your son receives this message.

This week’s Parenting ideas article by Michael Grose highlights the importance of punctuality and attendance.

Mrs Hughes
Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing