ERC Updates

From the Director of Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

Last week I reminded families of the importance of ensuring that their sons are able to comply with our uniform and grooming expectations when they return to school for the start of Term 3. Students who are unable to meet expectations will be issued with a letter and asked to remedy the situation within 48 hours or before returning to class. We thank you for your continued support. 

This week students in Years 7 -10 received their reports. For many students this is a genuine affirmation of their effort and application across Semester One, a snapshot of your son’s progress at this point in his education. When looking at your son’s report we encourage you to focus on areas of success as well as opportunities for improvement. Try to encourage your son to have a sense of pride in her achievement and use this as a platform for motivation as we commence Semester Two. A report often opens up an opportunity for discussion around the factors that have contributed to their success or hindered their progress. Reports also have a part to play in your child’s sense of self, for this reason it is particularly useful to avoid comparisons with other children. Looking for opportunities to celebrate success and affirm effort are valuable tools in building both confidence and planning for future success. 

Furthermore, reports provide an opportunity for reflection. We encourage you to consider and discuss your son’s overall attendance throughout Semester One, recognising the strong correlation between attendance and academic success. 

This week’s Parenting Ideas articles by Michael Grose highlight the benefits of collaboration in parenting and the important role that dads play in talking through problems with their children.