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From the Director of Learning & Teaching

Earlier this term, students in Years 7 to 11 were asked to reflect on the learning and wellbeing goals they set earlier in the year. They were then asked to set one wellbeing goal with a focus on the Pastoral Theme allocated to their year group. Parents and carers are encouraged to speak with their sons about the goals they have set and the strategies they implemented to work towards achieving their goal. Celebrate the journey your son has taken, or is still taking, in working towards their goal.

In last week’s newsletter article, the Learning and Wellbeing Framework domain of Building Resilience was covered in relation to the promotion of a growth mindset. Building resilience is also important in relation to goal setting as the process of achieving a goal and dealing with the challenges along the way is more important than the final destination.

Following are some considerations if your son is yet to achieve his goal:

• Remind him that he has engaged in lots of learning and growing as a person, just by trying.
• Encourage him to avoid ‘moving the goalposts’. If your son has not achieved his goal, he should not give up on the goal – instead he should aim to ensure the goal is realistic. Encourage your son to continue striving to achieve his goal, and to believe that with effort, he can achieve the goal.
• Remember it is important to take a resilient approach. Tell your son to congratulate himself on what he did achieve. Ask him what he learnt from the experience and how he can use this to set his next goals.
• Remind your son that it is ok to ask for support to achieve his goal(s).


With the end of the year near it is an appropriate time for students to reflect on their approach to leaning this year and what they have learnt from the challenges faced. It is a good opportunity for our students to take a moment and do a short SWOT analysis on their personal approach to school and learning. Please take some time to discuss the following questions with your son(s).


• What did you do well at school this year?
• What worked for you in your approach to learning?
• What are you proud of achieving?


• What were your greatest challenges in achieving your personal best at school?
• What skills do you feel need more work?
• When did you feel not confident about your ability to succeed?


• What could you do to build your strengths?
• Who did you encounter this year that might be able to help you on this journey?
• What is one thing could you change that would make the biggest difference to you being a more effective learner?


• What is stopping you from achieving what you are capable of achieving?
• What challenges do you face in staying motivated to do your work for school?
• What challenges do you face in managing distractions and procrastination?

A reminder that all families have access to the Study Samurai Library website – a study skills and well-being website. This is an enhancement on the Study Skills Handbook and includes resources to support students develop essential skills for academic success and a positive mindset.

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Answers to the Week 6 Problem of the Fortnight:

(i) Egg
(ii) All of them
(iii) Sponge
(iv) The future
(v) Your age
(vi) Echo

Mr Sozio
Director of Learning & Teaching