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From the Director of Learning & Teaching

Stage 4 and 5 Academic Assemblies

Stage 4 and Stage 5 Academic Assemblies were held during the week. The assemblies served as an occasion to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our students who have excelled in their academic pursuits. Their commitment to learning, perseverance and pursuit of excellence are commendable and bring to life the elements of our College Learning and Wellbeing Framework.

It was wonderful seeing so many parents/carers, grandparents and siblings attend the assembly. As a College we believe that the learning journey for our students is a collaborative effort with parents and cares, and their support and guidance play an important role in shaping our students’ success enabling them to flourish both academically and personally.

Students are reminded that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong endeavour. We encourage all our students to keep striving for academic growth and improvement, as we eagerly anticipate seeing more students presented on stage with awards in future assemblies.

Congratulations to all students who were presented with an Academic Award!


The Naplan 2023 results have been received. Congratulations to all students on their achievement. This year, NAPLAN will be reported in four proficiency categories for each domain. The categories are ‘Exceeding’, ‘Strong’, ‘Developing’ and ‘Needs additional support’.

Following are the NAPLAN Score Distributions by Domains for the five different domains in Year 7:

Following are the NAPLAN Score Distributions by Domains for the five different domains in Year 9:

The bar graphs below show the proficiency distribution for Year 7 and Year 9 NAPLAN results.

Goal Setting

Students in Years 7 to 10 will be setting their Semester 2 goals during Pastoral Care class next Tuesday morning. Students will have an opportunity to reflect on their Semester 1 goals and implemented strategies before setting their Semester 2 Learning and Wellbeing goals. Following is a list of habits of effective students which students may use as strategies to work towards achieving the Semester 2 goals:

  • Make the most of class time
  • Ask questions often
  • Complete all homework
  • Do independent learning
  • Are focused when working
  • Understand the requirements and the marking criteria of an assessment
  • Read a section then test themselves seeing what they can say out loud or write down

Year 12 students will set goals following the Trial HSC Examinations and Year 11 at the commencement of next term.

Study Samurai Library

All families have access to the Study Samurai Library. The Study Samurai Library includes the Study Skills Module website which provides advice and resources on developing essential skills for academic success. To access the Study Samurai Library website, go to and login with these details:

Username: edmundrice
Password: 13achieve

Take time as a family on the Study Skills: Improving Reading Skills module. Click here to access the resources.

Dr Gerry Sozio
Director of Learning & Teaching