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From the Director of Learning & Teaching

ChatGPT is an advanced chatbox that uses natural language processing to understand and respond to questions and statements from users. As a College, we recognize the value and potential benefits of using ChatGPT as a tool for learning and student support. However, we are also aware of the concerns that arise with its use in assessments. ChatGPT can be a valuable resource to support learning, providing quick and accurate answers to questions and assisting with homework. If can support foster a love of learning, inspiring both curiosity and exploration. However, in the context of assessment, caution needs to be exercised to ensure that the use of ChatGPT does not undermine the integrity of the evaluation process.

We are committed to managing the use of ChatGPT effectively to ensure that it does not undermine the fairness and accuracy of assessments and we will continue to communicate with you in ensuring the validity and quality of our assessments.


NAPLAN 2023 commences next week. Following is the timetable for the administration of tests which commence next Wednesday with Writing. LERA has a suite of practice NAPLAN Papers, including worked solutions. Literacy instruction videos can also be viewed. These can be accessed on the following link:

In addition, Jacaranda has introduced a new resource for 2023 that will help your son become more familiar with the types of questions that can be asked in the NAPLAN tests next week. They are offering an online resource called ‘Get Ready For NAPLAN’ for Literacy.

The Get Ready for NAPLAN resource includes:

• NAPLAN auto-marked practice tests, with immediate feedback for every question
• NAPLAN strategies and tips for students
• Trackable results to easily identify strengths and weaknesses.

To access this resource, students can click on and locate the resource on the Bookshelf under English.

Elevate Education

Last week Elevate Education presented Study Skills sessions to our parents and carers. Following is a link to their website to access a suite of resources that parents can use to support their sons:

Password: rondo

Study Samurai Library

All families have access to the Study Samurai Library. The Study Samurai Library includes the Study Skills Module website which provides advice and resources on developing essential skills for academic success. To access the Study Samurai Library website, go to and login with these details:

Username: edmundrice
Password: 13achieve

This week, families are able to spend time reviewing the Study Samurai Time Management Module: Independent Learning. Click here to access the resources.

Dr Gerry Sozio
Director of Learning & Teaching