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From the Director of Identity

Christmas Appeal
During November, the month of Holy Souls, we are reminded of the dignity of each human life. In Studies of Religion, the Year 12 students are learning about the Theology of Liberation which is a practical contextual theology based on the teaching of human dignity, that each person is made in the image of God, the imago dei and that following the example of Jesus means being ’good news for the poor.’ (Luke4:18) In the Catholic church we have developed an excellent tradition of charity, of giving to the poor and we have some excellent examples of people like Sr Helen Prejean who have accompanied the destitute on death row in the USA who put their faith into action. The Gospel continually challenges us to respond to the ‘signs of the times’ to answer the call to work to create the conditions of the kingdom of God ‘on earth as it is in heaven’. This week, the student leaders have been working on the She’s Someone campaign, recognising the human dignity of each woman, seeking to live out our faith by rising up to eliminate violence against women in any form. All students will participate in a lesson and activity on Tuesday 16 November 2021. Part of this activity is to encourage each student to bring in items for the Christmas Appeal. Please see the posters for Years 7-9, Years 10-12, Donation Guide.

Remembrance Day
While we could not gather as a school, on November 11, we all stopped to reflect on the importance of Remembrance Day. Thomas Carolan, Zac Jancetic and Christian Yeo led the prayers and reflection while Patrick Sirianni played the Last Post, with support from Mr Bonaccorso and the music class. The students and Mr Walsh laid a wreath of remembrance at the front of the College as a reminder of the many who have sacrificed so much in the defense of freedom.


The College has been fortunate to work with ERC almunus Greg Fikkers from Wollongong City Council on our Bushcare project at the edge of Keira Park. Our teacher leaders, Mr Gray, Mr Volk, Mrs Thompson and some of the students were finally able to meet with him today to give him a small present for his years of dedicated service, as he moves into a different role at Council. He noted how much he had enjoyed working with the students and acknowledged the leadership particularly of Marcus Stevanoski, Matthew Armitage and Ben Thomas who have been integral team members. We look forward to continuing the project with the new Council Project officers in 2022.

EREA Conversation Celebrating 200 Years of Catholic Education
During this week EREA held its final installation of the conversation series with Dr Craig Wattam, hosting Dr Miriam Rose Ungumner Baumann. It was truly an honour to listen to her and learn from her, the first Aboriginal teacher in the Northern Territory in 1975. Her simplicity, wisdom, humility and generosity of spirit called us all to remember what is important in Catholic Education, and that is the dignity of each person, made in God’s image. We can keep our eye on the big picture, but it is in the particularity of each person that we have the most impact. You can read and learn more about her here.

The University of Notre Dame is hosting a series of community events open to the public. The first one features Professor Dan Hutto from UOW speaking about Public Dialogue and Inclusive Communities, all are welcome to register and attend. More information HERE.

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity