ERC Updates

From the Director of Identity

So much happens in a week! We thank God for the many opportunities to build our community in this year that we focus on what it means to have a Gospel Spirituality. Certainly, the Gospel is Good News for everyone. Jesus reminded His followers that the Great Commandment is to ‘Love God and love your neighbour as yourself.’ This week we have been given very practical ways to demonstrate this love through respect and collaboration. As we celebrate NAIDOC ‘For our elders’, we also celebrate the Church’s Day for the Elderly and grandparents, both reminding us that wisdom comes from experience and that we can learn much, sitting at the feet of our elders. During the assembly, we also gave an update on the Reconciliation Action Plan, having achieved progress on all goals for this year. You can read about it in the Report on RAP. We set ourselves the task now of renewing the RAP and invite any interested parents to please contact me or Nadia Neal to express interest in being part of the committee for the next twelve months.

Report on RAP can be found HERE

Mrs Hurley
Director of Identity