ERC Updates

From the Deputy Principal


The College is pleased to make available the 2021 ERC Yearbook. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to making this available for all members of the community. Special thanks to Mr Sunderland and Mrs Hall for their diligence in preparing and finalising the Yearbook.


Last week students were provided with another box of RAHT kits to bring home. Another box will be provided in Week 5. Students experiencing any symptoms before attending camps or activity days next week should test and act on their results accordingly. Families requiring RAHT kits to ensure the safe attendance each day of their son, can collect more kits. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you are in this situation of not being able to access RAHT kits for testing.


Next week will see the Year 7’s attending Camp as a catch-up from the postponed Term 1 Camp. It also coincides with our Year 9’s scheduled Ski Trip and alternate activity days. Other than these being invaluable life experiences for both year groups, I would like to acknowledge and recognise the College Staff who attend, away from their own families, to ensure these opportunities are afforded to the students. Without their care, supervision and generosity these events would not be able to eventuate. Travel safely, enjoy your experiences and we look forward to hearing, reading and sharing your adventure upon your return.

Mr Walsh
College Deputy Principal