ERC Updates

From the Deputy Principal


Currently students in Years 8 and 10 are in the process of subject selections for 2024. This requires conversations around subject information, career pathways, identifying personal strengths and focusing on interests in particular learning areas. Subject choices make up an integral part of a students’ academic pathway for the following stage. The timetabled lines are established through the allocation of resources by way of room and teacher all within the constraints of the timetable. Some subjects may not be offered due to the subject choices being student driven, essentially there needs to be student demand to offer a course within the timetable for the following academic stage. Some students will be required to make further choices or be satisfied with being allocated reserve preferences. Whilst this is not ideal, each cohort determines the subject offerings with their preferential order of selections.


Communication and calendared events for the Y12 students in their final term of schooling has been provided to families by way of letter. This includes information regarding the Trial HSC timetable, requirements and expectations, Trial Reporting information, Year 12 Graduation information and associated events organised to celebrate the achievement of completing their secondary education. An important part of this process is for other cohorts to be mindful of examinations being held in the Br Pelin Hall, limiting noise when travelling between periods and break times adhering to the barricades to provide the best possible environment for the Y12 cohort to concentrate and complete in most cases their final college based assessment. We wish them good luck in the coming weeks and were fortunate to have their Pastoral Team prepare a BBQ lunch for the cohort to share before having the two weeks offsite whilst they complete their final component of College assessment.

Mr Walsh
College Deputy Principal