ERC Updates

From the Deputy Principal

Staff Professional Learning Day: Monday 24 April, Week 1 of Term 2

All Staff will be engaged in a Staff Professional Learning Day on Monday 24 April, Week 1 of Term 2. This day will focus on Writing Across the Curriculum II and continue our commitment in the area of boy’s literacy and writing.

As such, this day is a pupil free day for all students.

The first day of Term 2 is Wednesday 26 April. Students should come prepared, with device charger and ready to continue with their learning for Day 3 (Wednesday, Week A) of their student timetable.

Public Transport: Safety and Behaviour Concerns

Students are reminded that travelling on public transport, which includes school buses, is a privilege. As mentioned previously, members of the public are very reliable when informing the College of unsafe behaviour and unruly conduct on public transport. Public transport is not to be treated as an “extended playground” for boys to behave in an unsafe and unruly manner. The code of conduct on buses and trains is outlined in the College Diary and at all times, students are expected to follow guidelines for school student behaviour whilst on a bus/train journey.

Term 2 – Winter Uniform (as per College Diary)

At all times the College uniform is to be worn properly by students. This includes travelling to and from school. The ERC uniform procedure not only includes various parts of the uniform by how the uniform is worn. Shirts should be completely tucked in at all times, top buttons done up and ties done up properly, wearing a black belt with shoes being polished and clean. Students are reminded that they are to be clean shaven, long hair must be tied back with hair not exceeding the collar and should be off the face.
Moving towards the beginning of Term 2, I encourage parents and carers to locate your son’s College winter uniform early in the holidays to ensure he is prepared for the beginning of Term 2. As indicated in the student diary, the College winter uniform guidelines are as follows:

Years 11 & 12 (All year round)

● College grey trousers (worn with College grey/stripe socks)
● Plain black belt (to be worn at all times)
● Ice blue shirt with College crest
● College black blazer with senior tie (compulsory in Terms 2 & 3)
● Plain, black, polishable leather school shoes
● ERC red jumper/vest (worn under the blazer in cold weather, not instead of)

Years 7 – 10 Winter Uniform (Terms 2 & 3)

● College grey trousers (worn with College grey/stripe socks)
● Plain black belt (to be worn at all times)
● Ice blue shirt with College crest AND College tie
● Plain, black, polishable leather school shoes
● ERC red jumper with junior tie and/or ERC jacket (black, red and white) with junior tie.
Note: Jacket is optional, but both jacket and jumper can be worn on colder days in winter.

Year 12 – Commemorative Jackets

Throughout the final weeks of this Term the Year 12 cohort were informed they would be permitted to wear their senior bomber jackets for an extra day due to their cooperation and diligence around wearing the appropriate uniform on respective days. After consultation, for Term 2 they will be permitted to wear them for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. As long as this privilege is respected by the students, they are seen to be working with the College to meet the uniform and grooming expectations. This includes their cooperation with the neighbours and their vehicle parking and respectful relationships with the local residents. Students who wear their commemorative jacket on a day other than these days will have it taken for that week by the Y1 2 Pastoral Coordinator.

Enjoy a safe and restful break, may the glory and the promise of this joyous time of year bring peace and happiness to you and those you hold most dear. May Christ, Our Risen Saviour, always be there by your side to bless you most abundantly and be your living guide.

God Bless.

Mr Walsh
College Deputy Principal